About us

Stordalen Skisenter is a Nice and small ski center 1,5 hours North of Bergen. We are running it on voulentary and a lot of People are involved.

Her you find one lift, and one childrens skirope. The slops are varying and interessting taken the size of the skisenter into account. – “The best small skisenter I have seen in Norway” – said by one of the Builders of the lift.

The Company Stordalen Skisenter AS is owned by the local sport Club Bjørn West IL and Masfjorden Community 50/50. The daily tasks is take care of by a Group in the Bjørn West IL.

Mange spennende nedfarter og løyper i Stordalen Skisenter
Løypekart Stordalen Skisenter med heis og barnetrekk